Oregon Farm Bureau Solar Program Basics

Pre designed system options

RS Energy has five pre designed systems. This is to reduce costs for the OFB members. If one of the systems does not fit RS Energy will design a proper system for the member with discounted pricing.

Donation to the Young Farmers program

Based off of the success of the program RS Energy will make a donation to the YFR program.


Every systems comes with remote monitoring. This makes it so you can see how your system is performing. It also makes maintenance a breeze.

So how does it work?


There is a cash incentive for PGE and Pacific Power through the Energy Trust of Oregon. This incentive covers 20-25% of the total cost. The max incentive amount is $400,000. There is also a 30% federal tax credit available to all systems. Typical cash purchases have a five year pay back.

Financing options

There are three main ways people pay for solar. Cash purchase, Tax lease & Traditional lease.

Power savings and net metering

All systems are net metered. This means that you benefit from all the power you produce. If you do not use the power instantly then you credit your account. Some systems will save business owners over $2mm over the life of the system.

Bateman Dairy installation

What utility do you currently have?